The Sun Has Gone Before Coming Out

The cold nights

once a thought now reality

a reality i wish to be a dream

I am never warm these days

I can barely sleep

YOU made me warm

(I had to tell him)

that my nights have become a nightmare filled with desiderium


I crave to look at other men and see what I saw in you

which i never saw

you remain a mystery i could not solve

she said i’m into pretty boys

she was right

she said no woman wanted a pretty boy

pretty boy = dead end

‘they’ said it was a dead end before it even started

a princess shall meet her prince charming in shinning armor when she least expects it

that’s my own theory of love

me and you you and I against the wolrd

a silent motto

good thing i kept it silent

look how i got here

put me out of my MISERY

another silent motto

In the very beginning…

I opened my legs huge

to the delicate intricacies of a human sword

I let it pierce me

Go deeper..Go deeper..Go deeper…

the echoes of my own voice

still a vivid image I reckon with

I moaned with pleasure

his thrusts deeper and deeper

I wailed to his manhood

oblivious, my soul shattered

(you see, i never meant for it to happen)

COMPATHY. it was

at least thats what i told myself

I opened my legs, but on a huger scale

This Time, Heart, Soul, Body, At Once

Go deeper..Go deeper..Go deeper…

I gasped for air

air of ectsasy

“Passion Is Oxygen For The Soul”

I was lost in the wilderness of passion

I made friends with aliens

The Tree ,The Lion, The flower

barefoot confidence